Good to know you take part in 4m nets. I picked up a 4m handheld a while ago, as it sounded fun. However, I cannot hear anyone on the band, ever. I even built a 4m flowerpot to increase the range and got that as high as possible - still nothing. I am told there is a 4m net around Feltham, which I should hear, but so far, zip. Jonathan G5LUX

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Hi Jon, Thanks for the comment. I love my little 4m handheld.

Having had little activity on the main antenna I picked it up as like you I wanted to get higher. So I planned to take it up a mountain for some SOTA.

Nothing heard.

But I persisted and would just turn it on and listen to the calling frequency whenever in a hotel or staying somewhere. I can listen for ages and hear noting then put a call out and wham! An amazing QSO.

I've had some great chats in weird places or off random hills while walking.

Treat it like metal detecting. You find nothing on multiple trips out and then suddenly... treasure.

Good luck!

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Hi Lee, Nope. The digital networks always seems secondary in my brain.

I get that it can unlock the world for those who want to get out easier and I've had fun on the net that you ran that pulled in club members from around the world. But when I spend most of the day on the internet I like to then play with more analogue things.

Radio through through the internet feels like something I might do when I'm alone in an old people's home and they won't let me have an antenna.

Also when I have issues with my station and the antenna I actually have fun problem solving the set up as there are only a few things that can go wrong. But every time I turn on the pi-star I'm wondering where along their multi billion pound chain of infrastructure the next point of failure might be.

For now, while I'm fit and able, give me a handheld and a hill and I'm happy. Oh and a little APRS, FT8, Fusion simplex, HF, field work and when I can get my head around it... VarAC :-)

Although if you wanted to jot down a little review in words with a picture I'd gladly drop it in one of my emails if you like.

Cheers Lee,


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