Great read Christian.

I wonder, do you get any use out of your hotspot anymore mate? I am a week or so into testing the Firespot from Moonraker. So far so good! I will be talking to the lads from Moonraker about this and other things on the next episode -


I also have 4m capability, but like the other gent, it's very quiet around here.

Keep up the writing mate.


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Good to know you take part in 4m nets. I picked up a 4m handheld a while ago, as it sounded fun. However, I cannot hear anyone on the band, ever. I even built a 4m flowerpot to increase the range and got that as high as possible - still nothing. I am told there is a 4m net around Feltham, which I should hear, but so far, zip. Jonathan G5LUX

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