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Thanks for the nudge, I was meant to post a comment to this when it landed, but you know me!

For those that don't, I am Lee (M7APO) and I have been a radio operator (in some form) since I was about 14 years old. Like Christian, Its only been within the past few years that I have actually took more of an interest in Ham radio specifically.

I am 48 years old, live in Warwickshire (UK) and I am currently on an audio journey! I love the spoken word, always have - That is not to say that I am an expert! With words, specifically audio, I feel you can reach a different level with others. They can listen to you and build their own picture, create their own story alongside the narrative they are hearing / reading. Santa gifted me a Podmic by Rode for Christmas and I am waiting on some new goodies soon.

This ties in well with my radio passion.

Currently, I am trying to find room for a permanent shack, but in between this I am struggling with SWR issues on my lovely HF antenna (ZS6BKW / Modified G5RV). That said, I have made it into Russia twice recently so Its not totally knackered! (QRZ page is here - https://www.qrz.com/db/m7apo )

I have also been slowly building a portable portfolio, and I have (so far) acquired :

* MFJ-1979 Telescopic whip

* Portable power

* My trusty Yaesu FT3D

73 for now


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Hi Christian,

Name is Mark - G6WRB. We met last year outside Moonraker... you was (were?) on your Tiger, if I remember correctly. Home QTH is Luton, but my work office is in Langley... must pop round and take tea with Farouq :) ) Enjoy VHF/UHF but also do a bit of HF. I like the datamodes in particular (not FT8) and have recently had some success playing with VarAC. Recently joined the BBC club. 73

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Hi Christian.

Hope you get some interesting replies. I'll get the ball rolling if no-one else has.

I'm Farouq. QTH is IO91rm which is Langley 4 miles north west of Heathrow airport. A member of the Burnham Beeches club. Haven't done much radio towards the end of last year because I was busy with the Full Licence training and other stuff that got in the way. All done now so I'll be doing more 'radio' this year now that I've got my Full licence (M0PPQ).

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I'm Doug. aka djuggler. aka KO4NFA. I'm in Knoxville, Tennessee USA. We met on Seismic. My radio shenanigans of late have been obtaining a Yaesu FT5DR and an Icom IC-7300 but haven't made time to set them up so I've been rather silent. My DMR radio needs charging. My plans are still to do some SOTA and POTA. I want to play with DX on HF. I want to play with satellites and the ISS with 2m/70cm. I have the parts for a Morserino with hopes of learning CW. Mostly I've been tying up loose ends in my life during 2023 so that 2024 can be full of adventure. 73

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My name is Steve (2E0VMG) - currently studying for my full licence and based in a small market town called Wirksworth. I had flu over Christmas so my radio plans were put on hold unfortunately.

My plan once I am feeling better is to do some Worked All Britain with a focus on trig points.

Hoping to get my full licence before Easter to do some maritime mobile on a sailing trip on the south coast.

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Hi Christian,

Nick M7CQX here. Been pretty active with radio recently, studying now for Intermediate, something I should have pushed on with years ago, still experimenting with antennas and hungry to learn more, that’s the thing with this hobby, just a limitless amount to learn if you want to…

Undertook another SOTA Boxing Day, the best day of the Christmas break! Love QRP, seems so much more fun than sitting at home in the shack, and 10w from a hillside is staggeringly effective, soon as the weather improves I’ll be heading to the next summit this time armed with my QRP guys DS1 20mtr vertical kit I’m soon to assemble….73s all.

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