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73 from G5DOC
A day of radio to celebrate 100 years [029]

A day of radio to celebrate 100 years [029]

GB100BBC and G2LO at Daventry...

The 18th of October 2022 marked 100 years since the formation the British Broadcasting Company. This eventually became the British Broadcasting Corporation six years later. To mark this momentous date, members of the BBC Amateur Radio Group were invited by Arqiva to operate for the day at Daventry transmitting station. Home to so much of BBC shortwave broadcasting over the years.

In the audio above I chat once again with Steve Richards G4HPE at the end of a great day of radio. The images were all taken on site during the day.

I was really pleased to have managed to operate with G2LO but also to get the call in my own log with a quick 2m QSO. ;-) Thank you Brian G4BIP for helping make that happen, but also for keeping the log while I was operating.

Don’t forget that although G2LO will be around again in the years to come, the GB100BBC call will only be around for the remainder of this year. Listen out for it.

Here are a few other operators that were working either GB100BBC or G2LO.

G4HPE / G4IXT / G0OQK / G4BIP / G1EIX / G8FRS / G0NXA / M0NTX / G7URP and G4ZJH.

If I have missed anyone out please let me know in the comments.

Here are a few of the many QSL cards sent after contact with GB100BBC.

And here are some BBC related QSL cards. Some never to be repeated.

Thanks again to Harri Stephens G1EIX and his associates from Arqiva for hosting everyone and looking after us throughout the day.


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73 from G5DOC
73 from G5DOC
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